Colonialism and Indian Economy
Colonialism and Indian Economy
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  • Bringing together seminal essays of one of India's leading economic historians, Colonialism and Indian Economy presents a magisterial account of economic and social consequences of colonial rule. It underlines the importance of global history as an overarching framework for writing Indian history and provides a theoretical framework to locate India's economic experience.

    Through a comprehensive analysis of several aspects of Indian economy---gross domestic product, regional growth, relations between agriculture and economy, demographic changes, land tax and property rights, market relations, and bondage---this volume presents a definitive account of the nature and scale of colonial exploitation. It also discusses the processes that led to de-industrialization, regional imbalances, and general impoverishment of the ordinary people

    Amiya Kumar Bagchi highlights the role Indian surpluses played in catapulting Britain and other capitalist countries to global dominance. He also explores the mechanisms that generated and sustained this resource flow.

    In an incisive introduction, the author critically examines writings on the economic history of colonial India and delineates the features characterizing different phases of colonial rule. Underscoring the mirage of the emergence of civil society under colonial rule. he presents a penetrating narrative of the causes of underdevelopment.

    This book will be an essential reading for scholars, teachers, and students of modern Indian history and economics, particularly those concerned with economic history.
  • Amiya Kumar Bagehi is First Chancellor. Tripura Central University and Director, Institute of Development Studies Kolkata. He has authored several books, including the Presidency Banks and the Indian Economy 1876-1914 (OUP 1989) and Perilous Passage: Mankind and the Global Ascendancy of Capital (OUP 2006)

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