Partnering in the Construction Industry: Code of Practice for Strategic Collaborative Working
Partnering in the Construction Industry: Code of Practice for Strategic Collaborative Working
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  • Partnering is the most effective way of tackling construction projects. This book explains how clients and construction firms using partnering can achieve ever higher levels of efficiency and certainty. It shows how partnering is used to provide world class buildings and infrastructure of all kinds.

    The book begins with detailed guidance about the actions that clients and professionals new to partnering need to take. Next it provides advice about the actions individual firms can take to get the maximum benefits from partnering. Finally it describes how highly developed forms of partnering are turning construction into a genuinely modern industry able to meet all customers' needs.

    The book is designed to be used flexibly by a variety of readers. Coloured sections and executive summaries built into the body of the text enable senior managers to get a quick overview of the guidance provided. The detailed guidance provides those at the workface with the ammunition needed to cooperate with those around them in doing their best work. The guidance is supported by check lists that help ensure everyone involved knows what they need to do to match and then exceed today's best practice.

    *An up-to-date practical guide for implementing strategic partnering
    *Illustrated by best practice case studies and research results
    *Presented in a user-friendly, flexible format

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