Suburban Legends: True Tales of Murder, Mayhem And Minivans
Suburban Legends: True Tales of Murder, Mayhem And Minivans
  • ISBN13:9781594740510
  • 出版社:Quirk Books
  • 作者:Sam Stall
  • 裝訂:平裝
  • 出版日:2006/09/07
  • 定  價:NT$558元
  • 優惠價: 79441
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  • As David Lynch and Desperate Housewives have taught us, life in the 'burbs has a dark side and Suburban Legends offers a creepy guided tour. Here are 60 spooky-but-true tales of haunted housing developments, corpses buried in backyards, UFO sightings, vanishing persons, and more. Consider this series of unfortunate events:

    The Soccer Mom's Secret: Meet Melinda Raisch of Columbus, Ohio. She's the wife of a dentist. A mother of three. And she has enough murderous secrets to fill a minivan.
    The Haunted McDonald's: If you're buying your Big Mac at the McDonald's in Lewiston, New York, be careful your burger may arrive with a side order of frights.
    The Kokomo Hum: More than 100 residents of Kokomo, Indiana, claim their small town is under attack by a persistent, low-pitched noise that erodes health and sanity. Too bad they're the only ones who can hear it.

    Illustrated with creepy collages and chilling archival photographs, these spooky suburban legends will feel all too close to home!

  • Sam Stall has authored and coauthored several nonfiction books, including The Encyclopedia of Guilty Pleasures (Quirk, 2004). He lives in Indianapolis.

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