Sociology for Social Work: An Introduction
Sociology for Social Work: An Introduction
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  • `The book is interesting and enjoyable to read...the chapters provide a huge amount of information in bite-sized pieces.' Naomi Lundgren, Anglia Ruskin University

    Introducing the social work student to the field of sociology, this book illustrates how sociology is connected to and fundamental to effective social work practice. Sociology can reveal why and how so many of the issues that social workers have to deal with in their daily working lives occurs in the first place. Having such knowledge greatly assists the social worker in working with service users, by identifying the deeper causes of their problems and informing how their needs could be more fully met.

    Engaging and well-written, each chapter also includes case studies, activities, reflection points, key definitions and links to further reading. Sociology and Social Work: An Introduction will be essential reading for social work qualifying students.
  • Chris Yuill is Lecturer in Sociology in the school of Aplied Social Studies at Robert Gordon University.
    Alastair Gibson has now retired as Senior Lecturer at Robert Gordon University.

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