What Would Steve Jobs Do?―How the Steve Jobs Way Can Inspire Anyone to Think Differently and Win
What Would Steve Jobs Do?―How the Steve Jobs Way Can Inspire Anyone to Think Differently and Win
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  • Lead and Succeed Like the World’s Greatest Business Innovator

    There’s no accounting for Steve Jobs’s mind. He just didn’t think the way the rest of the world does. Regarded by many as the most innovative and influential business leader of our time, Jobs was a visionary beyond compare. He was why Apple is Apple and everyone else is everyone else.

    We can’t transform ourselves into Steve Jobs. How he put his ideas into action, however, was systematic, efficient, focused, and smart. And this you can do.

    What Would Steve Jobs Do? presents the six-part business model Jobs applied to make Apple the most valuable publicly traded manufacturing corporation in the world and the global model for business excellence. While the results of this model can be profound, each step is something you can easily focus on with clarity and purpose:

    Customer—Understand your customers so well that you know what they want more than they do.
    Vision—Don’t stop thinking at “new product”; synthesize your ideas, products, and technologies around a specific game-changing customer issue.
    Culture—Create an environment filled with people who consider “can’t” a bad word.
    Product—Approach your product as something that can change the world— not just something to beat the competition or get a job done.
    Message—Deliver a message so compelling that it becomes an extension of the product itself.
    Personal Brand—Make people think constancy, promise, and trust when they think of you.

    Steve Jobs was a true original. What we’ve all learned from him is incalculable. And what we can continue to learn from him will shape the world.

    Transform your organization, recast your future, and do your part to redefine our world using the wisdom and foresight of the greatest business sage in generations.

  • Peter Sander is a researcher, business consultant, and former marketing program manager for a major Silicon Valley tech firm. He is the author of 27 business books on innovation, marketing, economics, and investing. He has an MBA from Indiana University and lives in Granite Bay, CA.
  • Lead and succeed like the world’s greatest business innovator

    When it comes to Steve Jobs, everyone from business journalists to the average iPod owner asks the same question: “How did he do it?”

    Anyone facing practical business challenges on a daily basis, though, reframes the question to “What would Steve Jobs do?”

    Finally, someone answers the question in a way that gives business owners and managers something to work with. What Would Steve Jobs Do? breaks down Jobs’s genius into six manageable parts, which you can use to face today’s toughest business challenges and transform your company into an Apple-style industry leader.

    Learn how Jobs viewed the customer. Find out how he built Apple’s culture. Discover his pioneering approaches to marketing, branding, team building, and leading.

    Running a successful business today is tougher than it has been in generations—if not ever. No one understood this better than Steve Jobs. He is gone, but his legacy of business creativity and innovation is unparalleled. Surmount every challenge that comes your way and take your business to new heights using these lessons from the greatest innovator of our time.


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