Still Life
Still Life
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  • A?magnificent, hauntingly beautiful photographic study of the Antarctic huts that served as expedition bases for explorations led by Captain Robert Falcon Scott and Sir Ernest Shackleton
    At the turn of the 20th century Antarctic explorers set off from their huts in search of adventure, science, and glory,?while the huts were left as time capsules of Edwardian life. The huts had never been the subject of a thorough photographic survey until Jane Ussher was invited by the Antarctic Heritage Trust to record "the unusual, the hidden and minutiae of these sites," and this tome?is?the?stunning result. Seven gatefolds reveal wide-format photos, while?intimate?close-ups explore the fascinating?details in each small, gritty?corner of the huts.?A portrait of King Edward VII hangs amid seal blubber, sides of mutton, a jar of gherkins, penguin eggs, cufflinks, and darned trousers. The executive director of the Trust provides a fascinating introduction to the history and atmosphere of each hut and detailed photographic captions. Diary excerpts from the explorers bring their time in the huts to life, while a final chapter discusses the current work to conserve the huts.
  • Jane Ussher is a portrait photographers, best known for the impressive body of work she developed during?29 years as chief photographer at the New Zealand Listener, New Zealand's leading arts and current affairs weekly magazine.?Nigel Watson is the executive director of Antarctic Heritage Trust, which cares for, among other heritage sites, the expedition bases left by Captain Scott and Ernest Shackleton in Antarctica. He leads or participates in annual?expeditions to Antarctica.

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