Practical Face Reading & Palmistry
Practical Face Reading & Palmistry
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  • This is how a Chinese proverb goes, “It takes a long way to tell how strong a horse is; it takes a long time to know a person well.” Yet, the Chinese also developed a set of rules to know a person simply by observation – read first his face and palm, then his gesture and demeanour for his intelligence and his luck. If you’re interested in knowing a person by just looking, this book is an indispensable read:

    - Is she/he the perfect wife or husband? Is he pretending to be rich, but is actually a less-privileged working class? Is he a sex fiend or a shameless con man? They are giving it away on their face and with their gestures.

    - What is your boss thinking? How do you tell if a subordinate is loyal? Which of the workers is the most competent? Simply take a look and you’d know.

    - Read both the face and the palm to tell his/her love luck and if his/her marriage is good or bad.

    - A mole, a zit, the voice, the hair and the way a person walks are all essential clues to tell his/her luck.

    -This book comes with remedies to dissipate your bad luck and boost your good luck. Dye your hair. Grow a beard. Or even wear a pair of spectacles for better luck.

    This book is great fun to read, encompassing a broad base of knowledge in face and palm reading. It also puts theories in contexts, so that you’d get to know those around you in everyday situations. This book lets you take a peep at a person’s heart by reading his/her tiniest feature or trait. Not to be missed.