China's Foreign Political and Economic Relations ─ An Unconventional Global Power
China's Foreign Political and Economic Relations ─ An Unconventional Global Power
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  • This balanced and thoughtful book presents a thorough analysis of the dynamics of China’s foreign political and economic relations. Sebastian Heilmann and Dirk Schmidt consider China’s view of the world, its foreign policy decision-making process, its major bilateral relations (United States, Japan, Taiwan, and the European Union), and key policy issues such as trade and investment, security, human rights, and climate change. The authors also assess how China’s often unconventional operations in its global expansion challenge Western predominance. By explicitly addressing controversies and conflicts and providing rich information and balanced arguments, this text demonstrates that the institutions, procedures, and policies that are shaping Chinese foreign relations are far more complex and fluid than standard IR theory or superficial media stories suggest. Providing succinct analysis and information, supplemented by carefully developed tables, boxes, and figures, this text will resonate with today's undergraduates.
  • Sebastian Heilmann is founding director of the Mercator Institute for China Studies (MERICS) in Berlin and professor of comparative government at the University of Trier. Dirk H. Schmidt is senior lecturer at the University of Trier.

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