The Phantom of the Opera 歌劇魅影
The Phantom of the Opera 歌劇魅影
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  • ′Look! You want to see! See! Feast your eyes, glut your soul on my cursed ugliness! Look at Erik′s face! Now you know the face of the voice!′

    Living secretly beneath the Paris Opera House, ′The Phantom of the Opera′, Erik has haunted those who work there with his demands and shrouded the opera house in fear with the legend of his disfigured face. When Christine joins the company, a young woman with a beautiful voice, Erik is instantly smitten and secretly teaches her to become a great singer. He soon develops an obsessive love for his beautiful protégé, even though she has fallen for her childhood friend, resulting in her disappearance during a performance and sparking a tragic and terrifying chain of events.

    One of the most well-known and well-loved gothic horror stories, Leroux′s suspenseful tale of unrequited love, passion and tragedy is both dark and moving in its portrayal of Erik, the anti-hero in his yearning for Christine.


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