Zero Degrees
Zero Degrees
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  • Would you kill for someone you love?Zeaira Rowe would without a second thought, proving that what looks innocent is often the most venomous. Before the chaos, life was great for Zeaira. She was an army brat and pampered daddy’s girl, until tragedy struck. When her father is found gruesomely murdered execution style, Zeaira’s world as she knows it changes dramatically. After proving that she has a killer instinct at the tender age of fourteen, Zeaira’s path becomes dark and destructive.In juvie she meets Peaches and Teena, who against all odds become her only female friends. Before the two of them the only genuine camaraderie she had was with a neighborhood hustler by the name of Buff. She falls in love with Buff’s brother Zeus over time and gets released from juvie only to thrust herself deeply into the under belly of drugs, sex, money and murder. After experiencing the ultimate betrayal and the revelation of a deep, dark family secret, Zeaira’s heart turns even colder. She is forced to protect herself and the few people that she loves the only way she knows how. Murder.This urban tale is like nothing else you’ve ever experienced as you embark on this painfully treacherous, ACTION packed journey that turned Zeaira Rowe into Zero Degrees.

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