Investigating Alias ― Secrets and Spies
Investigating Alias ― Secrets and Spies
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  • First aired in 2001, Alias is a spy drama with a central action heroine, a complex narrative of moral twists, turns, lies and double-crosses, and an imaginative array of gadgets, gizmos and glamorous costumes. It has become a leading cult television series with a loyal fan following. In the wake of 9/11, Alias’ themes of doubles and duplicity have been perfectly placed to comment on global relations and the personal paranoias of post 9/11 citizens. But as much as Alias reflects contemporary global politics, at its core are themes of family and relationships. The series is ending? with a bang in 2006 and this is the first book to give a detailed examination of the series in its entirety, with a complete episode guide.
    Placing the series within the wider context of American Quality Television and the spy genre, contributors? consider the central role of family, race, gender and moral ambiguity in Alias.? They also? focus on the creator, JJ Abrams, and discuss the development and influence of the fan world beyond the series with in-depth studies of DVD releases, tie-in, fan and slash fiction.?Designed for fans, lovers of spies on screen, students and scholars, Investigating Alias uncovers the secrets of a fantastic show
  • Stacey Abbott is a Senior Lecturer in Film and Television Studies at Roehampton University and is the editor of Reading Angel: The TV Spin-Off with a Soul (I.B.Tauris, 2005).  She is General Editor of I.B. Tauris' Investigating Cult TV Series. Simon Brown is a Senior Lecturer in Film Studies at Kingston University.

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