Heavenly khan
Heavenly khan
  • ISBN13:9789866286667
  • 出版社:Airiti Press
  • 作者:Victor Cunrui Xiong
  • 裝訂/頁數:平裝/466頁
  • 規格:23cm*17cm*1.4cm (高/寬/厚)
  • 版次:1
  • 出版日:2014/08/01
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  • This historical fiction is based on the true story of Li Shimin (also known as Tang Taizong), the greatest sovereign in Chinese history. About 30 years younger than Muhammad, he grew up in a world of devastating upheaval that tore China asunder and was thrust into the role of a military commander in his father’s rebel army while still a teenager. In the process of vanquishing his enemies on the battlefield, he proved himself to be a great military genius. As emperor he encouraged critical suggestions by his court officials, which he often adopted, and lent support to the religions of his day, notably, Buddhism, Daoism, and Christianity. The international prestige he had won for Tang China was so high that the states of Central and North Asia honored him with the title of “Heavenly Khan.” Although his father founded the dynasty, it was his reign that laid the groundwork for a brilliant empire that was to endure for centuries.
  • Victor Cunrui Xiong (熊存瑞)
    Victor Cunrui Xiong is a professor of history at Western Michigan University. His previous publications include two monographs on Sui-Tang China, and an encyclopedia on medieval China (3nd-10th centuries CE), as well as numerous scholarly articles mainly focusing on the Sui-Tang period. His annotated translation of the Shitong (A Thorough Exploration in Historiography), the masterpiece by the 8th-century historian Liu Zhiji, will be published in the not so distant future.
  • Author’s Note......i
    Part I. Quest for the Throne (613–626)......1
    Part II. The Good Government of Zhenguan (627–643)......93
    Part III. Last War (643–650)......191

    List of Illustrations
    Fig. 1. Tang Chang’an (Sui Daxing City)......iii
    Fig. 2. Sui Luoyang...... iv
    Map 1. Tang China in the Early Seventh Century......v
    Map 2. Advance of the Righteous Army in 617......24
    Map 3. Battle of Zhezhi City (618)......46
    Map 4. War Against Liu Wuzhou and Song Jingang (619–620)......56
    Map 5. War Against Dou Jiande (620–621)......62
    Map 6. Northeast China and Koguryŏ in 645......207


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