Seven Pillars of Partnering
Seven Pillars of Partnering
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  • Partnering is a set of strategic actions that deliver vast improvements in construction performance. It is driven by a clear understanding of mutual objectives and cooperative decision making by a number of firms, who are all focused on using feedback to continuously improve their joint performance.
    A 'second generation' of Partnering has now emerged that requires a strategic decision to cooperate in improving joint performance by a client and a group of consultants, contractors and specialists engaged in an ongoing series of projects. Second Generation Partnering is underpinned by 'Seven Pillars'.
    Each pillar represents a set of management actions that provide an essential element of Second Generation Partnering.
    The research also identifies the beginnings of a third generation of Partnering in which the construction industry becomes a truly modern industry producing and marketing a range of products and services that clients are eager to invest in.
    The dramatic improvements in performance delivered by Second and Third Generation Partnering enable construction firms to meet the demands of their customers - whether they need greater certainty, better designs, faster delivery, lower costs, zero defects, guarantees or sophisticated after-care services.

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