The Plug's Daughter
The Plug's Daughter
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  • Keenyn, known in the streets as Keys, is a dope boy, but not the typical. Although he’s no lame, he doesn’t have a grandiose scheme to take over the drug game, or become a notorious street legend. He also doesn’t believe in flexing, having a reckless crew, being in the trap, or slanging on a corner. He simply chooses to lay low and maintain his weed hustle, only selling weight to a small, reliable clientele. His plug, Mendosa, is the exact opposite. He does run the streets of Atlanta as a huge supplier of weed and cocaine, and has since the nineties. Once Keenyn lays eyes on Mendosa’s twenty one year old daughter Jasenia, he’s caught up in her beauty and sophisticated aura. The only thing is, Mendosa feels that his daughter is off limits to any man; especially one he does business with. In his eyes his only daughter is cultured, pure and untouched. Little does he know, but “daddy’s little girl” is far from the angel that he thinks she is. Keenyn soon discovers that as well as the never ending drama that seems to come with his feelings for her. Not only is Mendosa a threat to him, but he finds out that Jasenia has a few deadly skeletons in her closet. Will those secrets cost him his life and to what lengths will he go to protect the plug’s daughter?

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