Eyes Wide Open ― Help! With Control Freak Co-parents
Eyes Wide Open ― Help! With Control Freak Co-parents
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  • Even though you are divorced/separated from your children’s other parent, do you still feel controlled? Do you feel like your ex is still trying to control you through your children? Do you think of your ex as a “control freak” co-parent? When you think about your ex as a co-parent, do the words “control freak” describe that person? Dr. Debra gives you an opportunity to peek over her shoulder while she helps protective parents (primarily mothers) establish healthy boundaries with former abusive spouses or partners. She shares her wisdom on how to decode abuser messages and stop falling into the traps abusers set for their former partners while co-parenting their children. Discover the different types of coercive controlling behaviors she helps protective parents identify in their own relationships, past and present. The Transformational JournalingTM tools she shares developed out of her long-term practice as a professional counselor. Discover •Help with healing from abusive/coercively controlled interpersonal relationships •Use the Coercive Control Assessments to discover how, where, when, and the frequency your former intimate partner/co-parent engaged in coercive control tactics during your relationship and after it ended •Acquire Transformational JournalingTM tools you can use to recover from living with and being abused/coercively controlled in an intimate relationship and reclaim your life •Put your life on a path of your choosing, not being ruled/coerced/controlled by a former intimate partner/co-parent •Take control of your life, your responses to your former intimate partner/co-parent of your children •Determine what is best for you without becoming drawn into the whirlpool of emotions your former intimate partner/co-parent uses to pull you in and coercively control you •Set your boundaries from a state of self-empowerment and protect yourself from future abuse or coercive control attempts by your former intimate partner/co-parent •Draw from your inner strength to withstand the onslaught of abuse/coercive control attempts by your former intimate partner/co-parent •Gain the ability to work toward protection of your children and help them build their own protective factors and acquire resilience skills they will use throughout their lives •Empower your children through your behaviors and attitudes as an empowered parent to establish themselves as empowered adults •Reduce the chance your children will become abusive/coercive controllers or being abused/coercively controlled in their adult relationships •Locate resources to assist you on your journey •Develop support connections with other protective parents •Know at the deepest level of your being that you are never alone—there are multiple support options available to you