Heritage and Interpretation
Heritage and Interpretation
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  • Heritage and Interpretation is an introductory reader for postgraduate students of heritage studies, museum studies and those interested in how we conceptualise and use the past. Widening the scope of heritage studies by drawing on a range of disciplines as well as the best from established sources, the book also explores heritage through new areas of knowledge including emotion and affect, the politics of dissent, migration and intercultural and participatory dimensions of heritage. This blending of traditional topics and emerging trends, established theory and concepts from other disciplines enables the volume to offer readers views of the past and future of this growing field.

  • Sheila Watson is a Senior Lecturer and Deputy Head of?the School of Museums Studies at the University of Leicester, UK.

    Amy Jane Barnes is Research Associate in the School of Management and Honorary Visiting Fellow in the School of Museum Studies, both at the University of Leicester, UK.

    Katy Bunning is Programme Director of the MA/ MSc in Heritage and Interpretation by Distance Learning, as well as of the MA/MSc in Museum Studies in the School of Museum Studies, University of Leicester, UK.


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