Paradise Regained
Paradise Regained
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  • Paradise Regained is an epic poem by John Milton, intended both as a sequel and complement to his timeless epic Paradise Lost.

    Although not as entwined with the stories of the New Testament as Paradise Lost, Paradise Regained remains a theologically significant poem. Written in the same style of blank verse, this text is nevertheless different - the style is plainer and easier comprehended, with the intensive use of simile and ornate verse present in Paradise Lost absent.

    At four books long, Paradise Regained is nowhere near the twelve book length of its forebear. However, for its length and significance it remains considered as an epic poem by literary scholars. Over the centuries, various academics and scholars of literature have posited that the tone and message of Paradise Regained better reflects the simplicity and plainness Jesus Christ sought in order to explain Christian virtue and the nature of God.

    The conflict between Jesus and Satan is pivotal to the poem's story, with the various aspects of temptation given much verse. The refusal of said temptations by Jesus, and resulting confounding of Satan is a steady theme, while the rewarding of Christ with victory for its commitment and authentic faith likewise acting as culmination for the restoration of the titular paradise.

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