A Heartless Goon Snatched My Soul
A Heartless Goon Snatched My Soul
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  • They say once a good girl’s gone, she’s gone forever.Meet Xavia… a young lady who has been dealt one of the worst hands in life. The way her world is set up, she feels she can’t trust anybody. Her estranged father wanted her to be aborted and her mother is neglectful. The only people Xa can trust are her best friends Alicia and Chloe. One summer she gets closer to Alicia’s brother Eddie than she ever imagined, which opens the door to young love.Unfortunately, Xa’s vision of a happy future with her first love is suddenly shattered. With a broken heart, she makes a fateful decision that will change her life’s course. After making the move from Atlanta to Miami at the age of eighteen, her cousin Rosita’s influence not only convinces her to make getting in a man’s pockets a priority over love, but her negative philosophy about men rubs off on her too. From that moment on, Xa decides to void herself of emotions and starts playing any goon she can who has fat pockets.Trying her best not to feel anything, Xa realizes that she’s still human That is until she runs into the wrong savage who turns her world as she knows it upside down. On a mission to get some closure from her tumultuous past, she returns to Atlanta five years after she left. Maybe she can finally have a relationship with her mother and let go of all the pain she’s endured. While she’s there, she realizes that it’s not that easy to forgive and let everything go. All the hurt she's gone through just continues to haunt her like a ghost.Eddie insists on declaring his love for her despite the wrong he’s done and a part of her wants to see where a lost love could possibly go. However, it’s not a simple task and with time wounds do not always heal. Will there be hope for Xa after all, or will her soul be snatched for good?

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