The Cardiac ICU Book
The Cardiac ICU Book
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  • An up-to-date practical guide to the care of the critically ill patient in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit

    The Cardiac ICU Book fills a void in the medical literature, as most books currently available on post-procedure cardiac care are out of date and do not cover contemporary topics, approaches, and interventions. The purpose of this book is to provide an authoritative and comprehensive guide to the management of critically ill cardiac patients. 

    Offering the very latest evidence-based approaches, the author details a multidisciplinary approach that mirrors today’s real-world practice, and covers the latest developments, technology, and procedures. The liberal use of flow charts, algorithms, and tables makes the content as accessible as possible, and case studies and illustrative examples give the information real-world applicability. 

    Provides answers to key clinical questions relating to the crucial ICU patient
    Comprehensive coverage encompasses the entire scope of cardiac critical care, including essential concepts and procedures
    Includes contributors that reflect today’s multidisciplinary approach 

  • Umesh Gidwani, MD is Chief, Cardiac Clinical Care; Director, Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit; Assistant Professor of Medicine, Mount Sinai Hospital, New York.

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