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  • Poetry. Women's Studies. Translation. Translated by Erín Moure. CAMOUFLAGE is a new collection of poems by the Galician poet and journalist Lupe Gómez. The poems in CAMOUFLAGE are sharp, tender elegies for a mother and for a rural village, its changing walks and ways and words. In CAMOUFLAGE, we see how one person can be "two sisters," with "two pasts." We learn about making cheeses, but also that "Death is a political project." Gómez's bold voice erases the line between the political and the domestic, the experimental and the sequential, and allows for celebratory insight. CAMOUFLAGE was published in Spain in 2017 and is Gómez's eleventh book of poetry but her first published in the United States. The poems were originally written in Galician, a language spoken by about 3 million people, primarily in Galicia, an "autonomous community" in the northwest of Spain. Translator and poet Erín Moure has translated the book into an intimate English with a vivid and tight "linguistic embrace." CAMOUFLAGE is a bilingual edition with a translator's introduction, and presents a new approach to designing work in translation.

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