Green Intelligence and Environmental Conflict ― Eco-intelligence in the 21st Century
Green Intelligence and Environmental Conflict ― Eco-intelligence in the 21st Century
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  • This volume provides a comprehensive and unique look into a crucial emerging issue of global security; how ecological dilemmas and resource scarcity issues will have an increasing influence on and be impacted by intelligence community concerns. Covering issues in parts of Latin America, Africa, the Greater Middle East, South Asia and South East Asia it makes explicit for the first time how crucial environmental issues must be re-examined through the increasingly important lens of intelligence. Failure to evolve ’green security’ into ’ecological intelligence’ will likely mean crucial key factors, red flags, and anticipatory warning signs of future conflict will be missed by scholars, analysts, and policy-makers alike and this book is one of the first steps in highlighting the problem. Structured and researched from the intelligence perspective of green issues, ECO-INT shows how that angle could grow to play a dominant role, not just in governance but in foreign policy, diplomacy and conflict resolution decision-making.
  • Dr. Matthew Crosston is the Miller Chair for Industrial and International Security and Director of the International Security and Intelligence Studies (ISIS) program at Bellevue University.

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