Oxford Handbook for Medical School
Oxford Handbook for Medical School
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  • Medical school is full of unfamiliar and often frightening experiences for students. In the first year, a student must move away from home, balance personal finances, assimilate large volumes of information, learn practical skills, pass high stakes exams, and face a range of unique experiences. The Oxford Handbook for Medical School provides an essential, practical guide for all students, whether you have just received your offer, you're eager to succeed on the wards, or you're about to start your final exams.

    This handbook includes quick-access summaries covering the crucial information for your preclinical years and for each clinical specialty. With bullet lists of the key information you need to know, and helpful mnemonics throughout, this is a concise yet thoroughly comprehensive guide.

    Written by a team of recent students, now successfully graduated and embarking on their careers, this book will be your closest companion right up to graduation. More than a survival guide, it will help you navigate the bewildering range of opportunities medical school offers, showing you how to make the most of your time, so you are fully prepared for your future career.

  • Kapil Sugand, Trauma and Orthopaedics Registrar; Surgical Research Fellow, Imperial College London, UK,Miriam Berry, Consultant Nephrologist, Birmingham, UK,Imran Yusuf, Ophthalmology Registrar; MRC Research Fellow, Oxford University, UK,Aisha Janjua, Obstetrics and Gynaecology Registrar; NIHR Clinical Lecturer, Warwick University, UK,Chris Bird, Consultant in Emergency Paediatric Medicine, Oxford, UK

    Besides being the Editor-in-Chief of the inaugural Oxford Handbook of Medical School, Dr (Mr) Kapil Sugand is an orthopaedic registrar based in London, author, research scientist, educator, media personality and a philanthropist with a passion in medical education. He is currently doing a PhD in trauma simulation to train future surgeons safely and his plethora of work has been featured in international media, conferences and journals. This handbook will be his fourth book as editor. He also founded and chairs a widening participation scheme on reducing the education gap nationwide to promote careers in healthcare. For all his contribution to the field of medicine and education, his biography was featured in the renowned Marquis Who's Who of the World since 2013.

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