Higher Education System Reform ― An International Comparison After Twenty Years of Bologna
Higher Education System Reform ― An International Comparison After Twenty Years of Bologna
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  • Higher Education System Reform provides a comparative analysis of the position of 12 Higher Education Systems since the Bologna Declaration of 1999. It discusses and reflects on the original Bologna goals, the adopted paths of reform and the achieved results.
  • Bruno Broucker, Ph.D., is guest professor at the KU Leuven Public Governance Institute (Belgium), research fellow at the Leuven Economics of Education Research Centre and higher education expert at the Institute of Tropical Medicine. He is member of the executive committee of EAIR – the European Higher Education Society and has published articles and chapters on higher education governance and reform.

    Kurt De Wit, Ph.D. in Sociology, is head of the Data Management Unit of the Education Policy Department at KU Leuven (Belgium). He publishes on governance reforms, uses of (big) data, and ICT use of students in higher education.

    Jef C. Verhoeven, Ph.D., was Professor of Sociology at the KU Leuven (1970–2006) and is emeritus professor since 2006. He established the Centre for Sociology of Education at the KU Leuven (1977) and was head of this Centre. His recent publications are about higher education and the use of ICT, the access of Chinese ethnic minorities to Higher Education, and higher education policy.

    Liudvika Lei?yte, Ph.D., is professor of Higher Education and vice director of the Center of Higher Education (zhb, TU Dortmund). Her research focuses on academic work and organizational transformation in the context of changing institutional environment. She has published three books, a large number of chapters in edited books and peer-reviewed articles in Higher Education, Higher Education Policy, Public Administration, Public Management, Science and Public Policy and Studies in Higher Education.

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