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    • Purdue at 150 ― A Visual History of Indiana Land-grant University
    • 作者:David M. Hovde; Adriana Harmeyer; Neal Harmeyer; Sammie L. Morris  出版社:Purdue Univ Pr  出版日:2019/5/6
    • 定價:1748元  優惠價:91573 
    • Purdue at 150: A Visual History of Indiana’s Land-Grant University by David M. Hovde, Adriana Harmeyer, Neal Harmeyer, and Sammie L. Morris tells Purdue's story through rare images, artifacts, and words. Authors culled decades of student papers, from scrapbooks, yearbooks, letters, and newspapers to historical photographs and memorabilia preserved in the Purdue University Libraries Virginia Kelly Karnes Archives and Special Collections. Many of the images and artifacts included have never been p
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    • Squishy Mcfluff ― Tea With the Queen
    • 作者:Pip Jones; Ella Okstad (ILT)  出版社:Faber & Faber  出版日:2019/4/30
    • 定價:593元  優惠價:79468 
    • " Ava and Squishy charm. Readers will wish that they had a kitty to blame their misdeeds on when they've acted…naughty.”—Kirkus ReviewsThe very first picture book featuring Ava and her imaginary sidekick Squishy McFluff! Squishy and Ava are off on a trip to London. When the family stop to give Ava's baby sister a snack, Ava and Squishy sneak off to explore Buckingham Palace and bump into who else, but THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND (and her corgi). Will the Queen be able to see how wonderful Squishy is? F
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    • Blood & Thunder
    • 作者:Charlie Cochet  出版社:Dreamspinner Pr  出版日:2019/4/24
    • 定價:280元  優惠價:9252 
    • When a series of bombs goes off in a Therian youth center, injuring members of THIRDS Team Destructive Delta and causing a rift between agents Dexter J. Daley and Sloane Brodie, peace seems unattainable. Especially when a new and frightening group, the Order of Adrasteia, appears to always be a step ahead. With panic and intolerance spreading and streets becoming littered with the Order’s propaganda, hostility between Humans and Therians grows daily. Dex and Sloane, along with the rest of the te
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    • Faith & Fidelity
    • 作者:Tere Michaels  出版社:Dreamspinner Pr  出版日:2019/4/24
    • 定價:280元  優惠價:9252 
    • Reeling from the recent death of his wife, police officer Evan Cerelli looks at his four children and can only see how he fails them. His loving wife was the caretaker and nurturer, and now the single father feels himself being crushed by the pain of loss and the heavy responsibility of raising his kids.At the urging of his partner, Evan celebrates a coworker’s retirement and meets disgraced former cop turned security consultant Matt Haight. A friendship born out of loneliness and the solace of
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    • Shakespeare and Feminist Theory
    • 作者:Marianne Novy; Evelyn Gajowski (EDT)  出版社:Bloomsbury Arden  出版日:2019/4/18
    • 定價:1213元  優惠價:91092 
    • Are Shakespeare's plays dramatizations of patriarchy or representations of assertive and eloquent women? Or are they sometimes both? And is it relevant, and if so how, that his women were first played by boys? This book shows how many kinds of feminist theory help analyze the dynamics of Shakespeare's plays. Both feminist theory and the plays deal with issues such as likeness and difference between the sexes, the complexity of relationships between women, the liberating possibilities of desire,
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    • The Council of Mirrors
    • 作者:Michael Buckley; Peter Ferguson (ILT)  出版社:Harry N Abrams Inc  出版日:2019/4/17
    • 定價:315元  優惠價:79249 
    • ??Fans of fractured fairy tales will be delighted to discover the fantasy, mystery, adventure, and humor in the beloved New York Times bestselling Sisters Grimm series by Michael Buckley, now with new cover art. As featured on NBC’s The Today Show, the nine wildly popular books are favorites around the world. They were among the first books to bring a distinctly girl-power spin to fairy tales—a spin taken up by hit TV shows such as Grimm and Once Upon a Time, the bestselling book series The Land
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    • Manual of Foraging ― How to Pick Wild Food from Nature
    • 作者:Valeria Margherita Mosca; Paolo Marazzi  出版社:Mondadori  出版日:2019/4/16
    • 定價:1748元  優惠價:91573 
    • A complete foraging manual on how to gather and use the wild plants of different natural habitats, from mountains and deserts to coastlines and cities.The new trend in the food world is using natural, gathered plants and materials, including herbs, berries, roots, and barks, to create delicious meals. This practical guide, appealing for both seasoned foragers and those looking to experience this movement for the first time, teaches the reader how to explore different natural habitats to find wil
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    • Astrology in the Workplace ― The Zodiac Guide to Creating Great Working Relationships
    • 作者:Penny Thornton  出版社:Sirius  出版日:2019/4/15
    • 定價:595元  優惠價:9536 
    • How do you get along with your colleagues? Is your boss calm and well-organized, or great at the big ideas but less so when it comes to details?Thoughtfully observing the characteristics our co-workers display and learning how to successfully work alongside them lies at the heart of Astrology in the Workplace. In understanding your colleagues' Zodiac signs, you can turn their strengths and weaknesses into a benefit for you. For example, discover how best to put project teams together: will a fei
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    • Peter Pan
    • 作者:J. M. Barrie  出版社:Arcturus Pub  出版日:2019/4/1
    • 定價:700元  優惠價:9630 
    • Wendy knows that all children have to grow up...all apart from the magical Peter Pan! When Peter flies through the nursery window and invites Wendy and her brothers, John and Michael, to come to Never-Never-Land, they set off on the adventure of a lifetime.Presented in a beautiful slip-cased edition with new, full-color illustrations, J. M. Barrie's best-loved tale of Lost Boys, mermaids, pirates, and a boy who will never grow up is sure to enchant readers ages 8 and up.
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    • On Education
    • 作者:Abraham Kuyper; Melvin Flikkema (EDT); Jordan J. Ballor (EDT)  出版社:Lexham Pr  出版日:2019/3/27
    • 定價:1750元  優惠價:91575 
    • Kuyper on the Divine Purpose for EducationAmong Abraham Kuyper's many accomplishments was his founding of the Free University of Amsterdam, where he also served as president and professor of theology. This collection of essays and speeches presents Kuyper's theology and philosophy of education, and his understanding of the divine purpose of scholarship for human culture.Included are convocation addresses given at the Free University, parliamentary speeches, newspaper articles, and other talks an
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    • Undaunted
    • 作者:Kat Falls  出版社:Scholastic Pr  出版日:2019/3/26
    • 定價:630元  優惠價:9567 
    • First love is the most dangerous game in this fast-paced conclusion to the Inhuman series, perfect for fans of Marie Lu, Veronica Roth, and Sarah J. Maas.Lane McEvoy barely survived her first journey to the Feral Zone -- the forbidden, overgrown landscape east of the Mississippi River that was abandoned when a virus spread through the United States. But Lane has crossed the quarantine line, and she knows the truth. There are survivors in the zone -- people who have gone feral, whose bodies have
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    • Under Construction ― Navigating the Detours on the Road to Recovery
    • 作者:Dug Mcguirk  出版社:Hci  出版日:2019/3/26
    • 定價:383元  優惠價:9345 
    • This so called "life" is a journey and it doesn't matter who you are—you are special and unique with something to offer and enjoy, period. The obstacles and detours the roads present are not any easier in one car or another; it just boils down to how you navigate your way through and around them. One of McGuirk's key principles centers on the concept of State, i.e. your state of mind, how you feel. State is the emotional fuel you want to fill up on--the things or experiences that make you feel g