Julian of Norwich's Legacy: Medieval Mysticism and Post-Medieval Reception
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Julian of Norwich the best-known of the medieval mystics today. The text of her Revelation has circulated continually since the fifteenth century, but the twentieth century saw a massive expansion of her popularity. Theological or literary-historical studies of Julian may remark in passing on her popularity, but none have attempted a detailed study of her reception. This collection fills that gap: it outlines the full reception history from the extant manuscripts to the present day, looking at Julian in devotional cultures, in modernist poetry and present-day popular literature, and in her iconography in Norwich, both as a pilgrimage site and a tourist attraction.

Sarah Salih is a Senior Lecturer in English at King’s College London and the author of Versions of Virginity in Late Medieval England; co-editor of Gender and Holiness: Men, Women and Saints in Late Medieval Europe and Medieval Virginities; and editor of A Companion to Middle English Hagiography.

Denise N. Baker is a Professor of English and the Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She is the author of Julian of Norwich’s Showings: From Vision to Book and the editor of The Showings of Julian of Norwich: A Norton Critical Edition and Inscribing the Hundred Years’ War in French and English Cultures.