Gerhard Richter
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The contemporary painter Gerhard Richter (born in 1932) has been heralded both asmodernity's last painter and as painting's modern savior, seen to represent both the end of paintingand its resurrection. Richter works in a dizzying variety of styles, from abstraction to a Germancool pop that combines painterly technique and appropriation; his work includes photo paintings,large abstract canvases, and stained glass windows. This collection features writing by prominentcritics, including Hal Foster, Gertrud Koch, and Thomas Crow; an essay by Rachel Haidu on Richter'sfamily pictures that is published here for the first time; and an essay and two interviews with theartist by Benjamin H. D. Buchloh, Richter's "longtime sparring partner" (as the curatorRobert Storr has called him). These writings examine Richter's work as a whole, from October 18,1977, his dreamlike series of paintings depicting the dead Baader-Meinhof gang, to his abstract trioAbstract Paintings; from his unsettling portrait of "Uncle Rudi" in Nazi garb to his lateseries of portraits of his wife and young child. This addition to the October Files series will bean essential handbook to one of the most enigmatic figures in contemporary artContents GerhardRichter and Benjamin H. D. Buchloh Interview (1986)Gertrud Koch The Richter-Scale of Blur(1992)Thomas Crow Hand-Made Photographs and Homeless Representation (1992)Birgit Pelzer The TragicDesire (1993)Benjamin H. D. Buchloh Divided Memory and Post-Traditional Identity: Gerhard Richter'sWork of Mourning (1996)Peter Osborne Abstract Images: Sign, Image, and Aesthetic in GerhardRichter's Painting (1998)Hal Foster Semblance According to Gerhard Richter (2003)Johannes MeinhardtIllusionism in Painting and the Punctum of Photography (2005)Rachel Haidu Arrogant Texts: GerhardRichter's Family Pictures (2007)Gerhard Richter and Benjamin H. D. Buchloh Interview(2004)

Benjamin H. D. Buchloh is Andrew W. Mellon Professor of Modern Art at Harvard University. He is the author of Neo-Avantgarde and Culture Industry: Essays on European and American Art from 1955 to 1975 (MIT Press, 2001)) and an editor of October.