Master-e: Epic Space and Time Travel into Parallel Dimensions: An Entanglement of Fantasy, Science Fiction and Physics
  • Master-e: Epic Space and Time Travel into Parallel Dimensions: An Entanglement of Fantasy, Science Fiction and Physics

  • ISBN13:9781438987439
  • 出版社:Authorhouse
  • 作者:A. E. Beck
  • 裝訂:平裝
  • 出版日:2009/08/04
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Power-hungry male government officials of eleven planets had created eleven black holes by imploding their planets and jettisoning ruling-class members to free zones created on the other sides of the black holes. By isolating themselves in these free zones, the officials believed they would obtain the power of creation. These arrogant men theorized that they could replace the Great Oneness, the life force of the E, and the vortex of energy known to all as the Ancient One, thus creating a New World Order. The officials found out, however, that the black holes were portals that allowed passage back into dimensions that were parallel to those that they destroyed. The officials theorized that they needed to destroy these parallel dimensions to attain ultimate power. A plot was therefore devised to implode planet Clarion and jettison its ruling-class members to a free zone on the other side of a twelfth black hole while simultaneously imploding the parallel dimensions associated with the eleven previously formed free zones. E-Masters, whose duty was to maintain balance in the universe, met to discuss the impending plot. The E-Masters were told that the Ancient One had placed an evolutionary leap of awareness within a boy named MZ, who was born in hiding on planet Clarion. The E-Masters recognized that MZ must develop mastership to avert universal disaster caused by the impending implosions of Clarion and the eleven black holes. E-Master Traveler Z was working to prepare MZ for his E-Master development and his escape from Clarion. It was hoped that instruction received at mystery temples and during his travels, along with guidance from Traveler Z, would allow MZ to pass tests of Master-E and attain mastership before it was too late.