Quadratic Forms, Linear Algebraic Groups, and Cohomology
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Developments in Mathematics is a book series devoted to all areas of mathematics, pure and applied. The series emphasizes research monographs describing the latest advances. Edited volumes that focus on areas that have seen dramatic progress, or are of special interest, are encouraged as well.

This volume of invited works collects the most recent research and developments in quadratic forms, linear algebraic groups, and cohomology; topics that are each at the intersection of algebra, number theory and algebraic geometry.

The contributions to this volume are the work of renowned experts and present new results related to the research of Raman Parimala, to whom this collection is dedicated. Some specific topics presented in this volume include, Iwasawa theory Witt groups and sheafs, Chow motives, quaternion algebras, p-adic curves, and progress on the Kato conjecture as well as topics of recent interest such as field patching and a proof of the Serre's Conjecture II for function fields of complex surfaces.

This volume is intended for researchers and graduate students specializing in algebra, number theory, and algebraic geometry and may be suitable for supplementary use in an advanced graduate course.