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Developed by the AAP Committee on Infectious Diseases in conjunction with the CDC, the FDA, and other leading institutions with contributions from hundreds of physicians nationwide, the newly revised and updated 2012 Red Book continues the tradition of excellence with the latest findings and clinical?recommendations on the manifestations, etiology, epidemiology, diagnosis, and treatment of more than 200 childhood conditions.

Updated information and recommendations include:

- Standardized approach to disease prevention through immunizations, antimicrobial prophylaxis, and infection control practices have been updated throughout
- 2012 childhood and adolescent immunization schedules added
- Updated information on hypersensitivity reactions after immunizations
- The latest on sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in adolescents and children
- Updated coverage of adenovirus, arbovirus, candidiasis, clostridium infections, Clostridium difficle, cyclosporiasis, cytomegalovirus, enteroviruses, Escherichia coli, diarrhea, human calicivirus infections, meningococcal infections, pediculosis capitis, pertussis, pneumococcal infections, rotavirus, and more
- Updated information on hepatitis A and B
- New chapter on dengue
- Updated information on group B streptococcal infections
- Updated section on drugs for parasitic infections
- Significantly revised chapters on herpes simplex and HIV infection
- Recommendations for using MMR or MMRV vaccines have been updated
- Recommendations for screening females for HPV infection and for immunizing females and males with HPV vaccine are provided
- And much more!