China Contemporary
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China is booming, not only in its rapidly growing economy, but also through innovation in decorative and fine arts, interior design and architecture. China Contemporary showcases 35 examples of the new wave of Chinese design through the stunning photography of Michael Freeman and the perceptive commentary and interviews of Chinese journalist Xiao Dan Wang.
Divided into four main sections (Continuity, Colour, Conversion, Crossover), this is the first major survey of the new directions in style and design taken by the architects, designers and homeowners of China's leading urban centres.
Continuity - Chinese society and its associated arts have long been steeped in tradition. In contemporary China the traditions are being expressed in vibrant new ways and materials.
Colour - The use of colour has always held profound significance in traditional Chinese culture; here, it is illustrated primarily in the context of contemporary design and materials.
Conversion - Factories, apartment blocks and other older buildings of the Communist era are rapidly being refurbished in visually exciting ways.
Crossover - Two striking aspects of the new China are a willingness to embrace influences from other cultures, especially the West, and a new vigour in promoting Chinese art and design outside China.
A directory of individuals, organizations and locations completes this survey of some of the most advanced and exciting design projects in the new China.