Global Masculinities and Manhood
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"Global Masculinities and Manhood sets out to deconstruct the history and politics of cultured masculinities within the contexts that produced them. After the Foucauldian revolution in critical media studies, the study of masculinity has concentrated mainly on the construction of manhood and its impact on gendered discourses. In the era of globalization, masculinity continues to be studied in a Western-centric context, interrogating images of masculinity on a global scale but taking implicitly white American manhood as the norm. Bringing together an array of interdisciplinary and multi-theoretical voices, this volume examines masculinity from several perspectives: politics of identity, cultural definitions of masculinity across the globe, and how masculinity is interpreted and practiced through discourse. Three major themes guide the essays in this book: defining masculinity in the global sphere; mediated representations of masculinity; and the cultural practice of masculinity as a local and global phenomenon. Ultimately, the essays seek to answer the question: "What makes a man who he is within his culture?" This volume will appeal to critical studies scholars in communications, anthropology, literature, political science, history, international studies, ethnic studies, gender and women's studies, philosophy and sociology. Addressing both a national and international audience, the book has a wide potential audience and many of the contributing writers come from outside the United States and the United Kingdom"--Provided by publisher.

Ronald L. Jackson II is the dean of McMicken College of Arts & Sciences at the University of Cincinnati. Murali Balaji is an assistant professor of media studies and production at Temple University.