Have a NYC ― New York Short Stories
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Day or night. Rain, heat or snow. The city streets are full of people seeking the path to a better life. Everybody learns the hard way. Some not soon enough. And even dreams must pay their dues. That's just the nature of The City. That's New York. Welcome to Have a NYC, the first of a New York short stories series, edited by Peter Carlaftes and Kat Georges. Authors include: Claus Ankersen, Larissa Shmailo, Adam R. Burnett, Darlene Cah, David R. Lincoln, Lawrence Block, Kofi Fosu Forson, Pedro Ponce, Ronald H. Bass, Jane Ormerod, Peter D. Marra, Puma Perl, Lisa Ferber, Keven Dupzyk and Janet Hamill. In Have a NYC, Three Rooms Press aims to acknowledge that the energy that drives New York is still there, and not just in "hipster" neighborhoods or well-trodden streets. The stories are forming and reforming moment by moment. Drifters pass through and lend their ideas; natives look to cling to the things they see are ebbing away; the underbelly still writhes and reels to an urban beat; and the familiar landmarks take on new looks and menace as technology slowly grips the throngs of people walking the New York City streets.