The Political Economy of China-Latin American Relations in the New Millennium
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In this book, Carol Wise and Margaret Myers, widely recognized as experts on China-Latin America relations, examine the political and economic forces that have shaped Chinese engagement in the region and how these have affected specific economic sectors and policy-making decisions across the Pacific in new and surprising ways. Divided into three parts, the contributors begin by examining the various private, state-level, sub-national, extra-regional and other actors that have shaped China-Latin America engagement in recent years. Part Two surveys China-Latin America Trade Patterns in the 2000s paying particular attention paid to China’s relatively new free trade agreements (FTAs) with Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru, the increasing homogeneity of South American exports to China, and the outlook for China-Central America economic relations, which have rarely been addressed in the existing literature on China and Latin America. The concluding part explores the politics of Chinese aid, loans, and investment in Latin America which occasionally yield disproportionate influence on economic policy in individual Latin American nations.

This volume is a welcomed addition to the growing field of interest on China-Latin America relations; a complex interplay between economics and politics that has shaped China’s relations with the region as a second decade of deepening engagement draws to a close. An indispensable read to students, scholars and policy makers wishing to gain new insights into the political economy of China-Latin America relations across both countries and sectors.

Carol Wise is Associate Professor of International Relations at University of Southern California. Carol Wise joined the School of International Relations in 2002 after spending eight years on the Faculty at John Hopkins University’s School of Advances of International Studies in Washington, D.C. She specializes in international political economy and development, with an emphasis on Latin America. She has written widely on trade integration, exchange rate crisis, institutional reform, and the political economy of market restructuring in the region.

Margaret Myers is Program Director for China and Latin America at the Inter-American Dialogue. She established the Dialogue’s China and Latin America Working Group in 2011 to examine China’s growing presence in Latin America and the Caribbean. Myers also developed the China-Latin America Finance Database, the only publicly available source of empirical data on Chinese lending to Latin America, in cooperation with Boston University’s Global Economic Governance Initiative (GEGI). Before arriving at the Dialogue, Myers worked as a Latin America analyst and China analyst for the US Department of Defense, during which time she was deployed with the US Navy in support of Partnership of the Americas. Myers also worked as a senior China analyst for Science Applications International Corporation, a consultant for the Inter-American Development Bank, and for Fauquier County Schools, where she developed the county’s first Mandarin language program.