This Way to the End Times ― Classic Tales of the Apocalypse
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Look around. It's over. The landscape: bleak. Society: crumbled. Technology: useless. How much longer do we have left? Will you be ready? Will anyone?

THIS WAY TO THE END TIMES: Tales of the Apocalypse, gathers 21 compelling, gripping stories of the not-too-distant demise of the earth as we know it.

And what a collection. From obscure, very rare classic tales by sci-fi legends Jules Vernes and Olaf Stapledon, to intense short works by Sci Fi Grand Masters Connie Willis, Jack Vance, and Brian W. Aldiss, to haunting works by contemporary authors Dale Bailey, Alvaro Zinos-Amaro, Karen Haber and Megan Arkenberg, THIS WAY TO THE END TIMES paves the road to the fantastical future, alternating humor with grit, and hope with ghastly post apocalyptic visions.

Guest editor Robert Silverbergwinner of numerous Hugo and Nebula awards, is a Grand Master of Science Fiction Writers of America, and a Science Fiction Hall of Fame inducteenot only selected each story, but also wrote an introduction to each story, as well as an introduction to the anthology as a whole.

A unique collection for longtime and new fans of speculative fiction, THIS WAY TO THE END TIMES roars into the future wide-eyed and full speed ahead.
Robert Silverberg, editor and contributor, is one of science fiction’s most beloved writers, and the author of such contemporary classics as Dying Inside, Downward to the Earth and Lord Valentine’s Castle, as well as At Winter’s End. He is a past president of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America and the winner of five Nebula Awards and five Hugo Awards. In 2004 the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America presented him with the Grand Master Award. Silverberg is one of twenty-nine writers to have received that distinction.

Ursula K. Le Guin, contributor, is an American author of novels, children's books, and short storiHer work has often depicted futuristic or imaginary alternative worlds in politics, the natural environment, gender, religion, sexuality and ethnography.

Connie Willis, contributor, is an American science fiction/fantasy writer. She has won eleven Hugo Awards and seven Nebula Awards?more major award than any other writer. She was inducted into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame, and is a SFWA Grand Master. Her novels include Doomsday Book, To Say Nothing of the Dog.

Megan Arkenberg, contributor, is an award-winning writer of science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Her work?has appeared in over fifty publications and in?anthologies such as?The Apocalypse Triptych, Heiresses of Russ,?and?The Best Horror of the Year. She lives in Davis, CA.

Brian W. Aldiss, contributor, is an English writer and anthologies editor, best known for his short story ?Super-Toys Last All Sumer Long,” the basis for the Stanley Kubrick-developed Steven Spielberg film ?A.I. Artificial Intelligence.” He has two Hugo Awards and one Nebula Award, and is a Sci-Fi Grand Master.