Move or Die ― How the Sedentary Life Is Killing Us and How Movement Not Exercise Can Save Us
  • Move or Die ― How the Sedentary Life Is Killing Us and How Movement Not Exercise Can Save Us

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  • 作者:Tim Sitt
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If you’ve ever struggled to create health in your life, this book is your guide towards a new vision of sustainable health. It encourages you to free your body through movement in all environments and at all moments whether that is at work or home. The fitness industry is stagnant. Every year it churns out new workouts, new classes, new DVDs, but what good does this do when the average office worker is sitting 10 hours a day? Research is demonstrating that the negative health consequences of being sedentary are not offset by exercise. It’s no longer enough to segregate movement to the gym or a single workout. The body thirsts for movement throughout the entire day just as much as it does for water, oxygen and food. This book is about learning to become self-aware of stagnation of any kind, including sitting, and how to use movement to create choice and health. Most books will tell you what the problem is and prescribe what to do according to an expert. The truth is only you can become the expert of you and your body through listening, learning and movement practice. This book is a guide through that journey as it integrates physiological research, psychology, sociology, philosophy, story and practical application for one purpose: to teach you how to free your body and experience authentic health.
Tim is the creator of the MOVE program. Initially, he developed MOVE in his efforts to heal his chronic back pain, and found after a month his back pain was gone never to return. He started to incorporate bits of exercise throughout his day and lost 20 lbs- his ?office” fat- while he was at it. Not only did he find that MOVE improved his physical well- being, he also found significant improvements in his mood, energy, and focus. He is embarking on an adventurous journey to change the prominent sedentary culture to help businesses have happier and healthier employees. Tim’s background as a Personal Trainer and Child and Family Therapist makes him well suited for creating the MOVE program that integrates physical and mental health. //