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POKÉMON GO: THE DAIRY OF A SQUIRTLE 2And the adventure continues…All the action and drama in the first book of the series; “The Diary of A Squirtle: A trip to Earth”, is nothing compared to this new masterpiece. Beyond the storyline, we meet a Squirtle, who through constant training and perseverance, can now evolve into a Wartortle as he advances on the path of fate. It’s been two years since the Pokémon invaded planet earth and defeated their arch enemy. Now, the bond between humans and Pokémon is ever strong. Pokémon yield to human control and wrestle each other to entertain their host (humans).Squirtle is new to this whole event of combat for sports. The dairy of a Squirtle 2, is a unique and fascinating continuation of the first of the series. With fresh plot, suspense, and humor, we experience another dimension of Squirtle, as he wrestles head-on with different types of Pokémon – steel, bug, poison, electric, and so much more.How will he survive? Would he even endure the first five minutes? How does he handle his weakness? And how best does he handle his temper when faced with natural enemy like the fire-typed Pokémon?Adams, his human counterpart is not left out of the action. Adams and Squirtle share almost everything in common: pain, gain, and arch enemies.A must book for every lover of Pokémon.