Why You Like This Photo ─ The Science of Perception, and How We Understand Photographs
  • Why You Like This Photo ─ The Science of Perception, and How We Understand Photographs

  • ISBN13:9781781573747
  • 出版社:Ilex Press UK
  • 作者:Brian Dilg
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  • 出版日:2018/10/25
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Photographic beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but it can also be measured and understood. Scientists and psychologists are discovering more and more about how the mind has developed over human history; and this new knowledge has a direct bearing on our understanding of aesthetics and beauty. Did you know that the landscape photos people most enjoy looking at are closely correlated with exactly the kind of fertile landscape that early humans sought out on their migrations?

This kind of information is fascinating, but if you're a photographer it's also very useful.

Featuring interviews with numerous great photographers combined with concepts from exciting areas of science and psychology, this accessible photographic guide is illustrated with infographics highlighting brain areas triggered by particular views, and a selection of sensational ne art photos. Why You Like This Photo holds the inspiring and practical keys to capturing the images that you, and everyone, will find appealing and fascinating.

Brian Dilg is a photographer, filmmaker, writer and educator. Founding chair of the Photography department of the New York Film Academy, he has also served as a spokesperson for Canon, for whom he created a series of photography tutorials. His work has been exhibited and collected worldwide, and published in the New York Times, Time Out, the Village Voice, and on book covers for Simon and Schuster, Hyperion, Doubleday and others.

Location: Berlin, Germany