John & Yoko ― A New York Love Story
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In November 1980, on the eve of John Lennon's untimely murder by a lone gunman, photographer Allan Tannenbaum had unique and total access to John and Yoko, who were emerging from five years of seclusion and avoiding the media. As one of the few photographers with whom John and Yoko were close, Tannenbaum was privileged to be able to capture many intimate moments between the two. The resulting photographs, many of which have never before been available to the public, portray a couple deeply in love--playful, spiritual, and remarkably at home in front of the camera while expressing their feelings to each other. John cherished these images of Yoko and was moved by their beauty and grace.
The prologue to this volume documents, through a rare set of images, John Lennon's last live performance. After John's shocking murder in December 1980, Tannenbaum continued to photograph Yoko, as well as the vigils and memorials that immediately sprang up throughout the city. This bittersweet collection is both a celebration of and tribute to one of our greatest artists and an everlasting love affair.

Foreword by Yoko Ono, introduction by Allan Tannenbaum.
ALLAN TANNENBAUM'S career in photography spans more than four decades. An international photojournalist and author of several books of photography, his work has also appeared in many noted publications including Time, Life, and Newsweek.

YOKO ONO is an artist, musician, and activist. She met John Lennon in 1966. Ono and Lennon began their lifelong love affair two years later, and were inseperable until his death in 1980.

CHRIS MURRAY is the founder and director of the acclaimed Govinda Gallery in Washington D.C. Murray has organized more than 200 exhibitions of many of the nation's leading artists, including Andy Warhol and Annie Liebowitz.