Let Her Fly ― A Father's Journey
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" I come from a country where women have served me all my life. I come from a family in which my gender made me special. But I did not want to be special for this reason."Since her miraculous recovery from a bullet fired by the Taliban in 2012, Malala Yousafzai has spoken across the globe on behalf of women everywhere who are fighting for a right to education. Her mother Toor Pekai, calls this Malala's "second life." Malala has address the United Nations assembly on numerous occasions and, at sixteen, became the youngest recipient ever of the Nobel Peace Prize. Now, Malala studies politics and economics at the world-famous Oxford University in England. Sometimes, for a parent, a moment of true beauty, of marveling 'how can this extraordinary child be mine?!' finds its home in the seemingly most inconsequential of things. For Ziauddin Yousafzai, this moment occurred when Malala was served tea by the male principal of Lady Margaret Hall at Oxford. All his life, Ziauddin had been taught that only women served tea and were meant to remain in the kitchen while the men drank. Now, their roles had changed. This moment at Oxford was so natural, so normal and therefore more beautiful to Ziauddin than any audience Malala might have had with a queen or a president. It proved what he wanted to believe: when you stand for a change, that change comes. WHAT LOVE TEACHES ME is an intimate confession by the father of one of our time's most remarkable leaders. Ziauddin shares what he's learned from Malala, and what he hopes to teach the world.