Breaking Through Schizophrenia ― Lacan and Hegel for Talk Therapy
  • Breaking Through Schizophrenia ― Lacan and Hegel for Talk Therapy

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  • 作者:Wilfried Ver Eecke
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Through a collection of published and unpublished articles, Ver Eecke traces the path of Laconian thought. He discusses the importance of language for the development of human beings and examines the effectiveness of talk therapy through case studies with schizophrenic persons.

Wilfried Ver Eecke, PhD is professor at Georgetown University in the department of philosophy and adjunct professor in the department of psychology. He has been teaching there since 1967, the year after he had a postdoctoral year at Harvard University, where he studied with Erik Erikson.

Professor Ver Eecke edited, translated and published seven books and close to one hundred articles. His publications have appeared in ten languages. Two of his books are translated into Chinese and a third is in the process of being translated.

Professor Ver Eecke obtained his PhD at the University of Leuven, Belgium with a doctoral thesis on Freud’s ideas on negation as they relate to Hegel’s ideas on negativity. As part of his preparation for his doctoral thesis, he studied in Paris with the Hegelian philosopher Jean Hyppolite, the psychiatrist Jacques Lacan and the linguist Emile Benveniste. In Freiberg, Germany, he studied with the linguist Johannes Lohmann. Dr. Ver Eecke also became a Lacanian psychoanalyst, is associated with the Washington School of Psychiatry, and has a private practice.