Life in 50mm: The Photographer's Lens
  • Life in 50mm: The Photographer's Lens

  • ISBN13:9781781576427
  • 出版社:Ilex Press UK
  • 作者:Tanya Nagar
  • 裝訂/頁數:精裝/160頁
  • 規格:24.8cm*20.3cm*2.5cm (高/寬/厚)
  • 出版日:2019/05/02
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This book will set adventurous street photographers on the right track.

The 50mm lens is for photography purists. With fewer components it's cheap to buy, light to carry and gets amazing results.It also makes even the greatest photographers try just that little bit harder - there is no zooming - everything is about being there and telling the visual story.

Life in 50mm shares the greatest captures - and the personal experiences that led to them - from some of today's leading contemporary photographers.

It will also explain why that chose to reject complicated modern zooms and express themselves through the 50mm prime in the first place. Author Tanya Nagar, begins simply by explaining the importance - technical and emotional - of "The Nifty Fifty," and why it was crucial to history's greatest photographers - including Henri-Cartier Bresson himself.

Filled with inspiring photography, this book is perfect for any photography lover, and will set any adventurous street photographer on the right track.
Tanya Nagar originally emerged in the wave of new photographers brought to the world by DeviantArt, an art-display site launche at he turn of the century and where her many fans knew her as Tanya-N.

Her award-winning work has been globally published across media including the BBC, CNN, The Londonist, and seen at the Satchi Gallery, nearly all of it captured with her beloved 50mm lens.