The Corporate Records Handbook ― Meetings, Minutes & Resolutions
  • The Corporate Records Handbook ― Meetings, Minutes & Resolutions

  • 系列名:Corporate Records Handbook
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  • 作者:Anthony Mancuso
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  • 出版日:2019/07/29
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Keep your corporate status—and avoid personal liability

Incorporating your business is an important first step in obtaining limited liability status. To keep that status, you must observe a number of legal formalities, including holding and documenting shareholder and director meetings.

Meeting minutes form the primary paper trail of a corporation’s legal life—and The Corporate Records Handbook provides all the instructions and forms you need to prepare them. Minutes forms include:
    • Notice of Meeting
    • Shareholder Proxy
    • Minutes of Annual Shareholders’ Meeting
    • Minutes of Annual Directors’ Meeting
    • Waiver of Notice of Meeting, and
    • Written Consent to Action Without Meeting.
You’ll also find more than 75 additional resolutions which let you:
    • elect S corporation tax status
    • borrow or lend money
    • adopt pension and profit-sharing plans
    • authorize bank loans
    • authorize a corporate line of credit
    • set up employee benefit plans
    • purchase or lease a company car
    • amend articles and bylaws
    • and more!
The Corporate Records Handbook gives you the forms you need to keep required records.. This edition has been updated to reflect the latest changes in the law.