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When God Breaks in ― Secrets to a Lifestyle of Tangible Encounters With God
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Expect more in your relationship with God!
If true relationship is defined by ongoing personal interaction, then a relationship with God must be more than merely a theological knowledge.
Australian revivalist, Ben Hughes, provokes readers to hunger for more in their relationship with God. Ben’s life has been marked by many supernatural encounters with God. By exploring both Biblical and modern-day examples, Ben explains what lead to his life-changing encounters with God, and how easy it is for you to enter into the same realms of Holy Spirit intimacy!
Each chapter releases a new wave of spiritual awakening! Discover how you can:
  • Partner with the Armies of the Lord encamped around you.
  • Keep applying “fresh oil” to the fire of your heart.
  • Respond to divine invitations of signs, wonders, and miracles.
  • Position yourself for Heavenly commissioning.
You were created for relationship with God! Learn to walk in the fullness of this relationship, and experience the power of intimacy!
Ben Hughes is a Revivalist and along with his wife Jodie are the co-founders of Pour It Out Ministries. Along with their daughter Keely, they have travelled extensively throughout the world as a family, preaching the gospel and igniting fires of Revival for more than 20 years. They have planted and pastored several churches, trained hundreds of ministry students, recorded worship albums and are known for recently hosting the Pineapple Revival in Australia, which touched thousands from all around the world.