His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass (HBO Tie-in)
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The extraordinary #1 New York Times bestseller hailed as one of the best books of all time, is now the basis for an HBO original series beginning in Fall 2019, starring Dafne Keen, Ruth Wilson, James McAvoy, and Lin-Manuel Miranda. An Entertainment Weekly "All-Time Greatest Novel" A Newsweek "Top 100 Book of All Time"
Philip Pullman takes readers to a world where humans have animal familiars
and where parallel universes are within reach.  A war is brewing in Lyra's world--a battle between those who would keep people in ignorance and those who are willing to fight for true freedom. Lyra is thrust into the middle of the conflict when her uncle Asriel comes to Oxford, fomenting rebellion, and when her best friend, Roger, suddenly disappears.  Lyra learns that Roger was kidnapped by a shadowy organization that steals children and, it is rumored, experiments on them. To find him, she will travel to the cold, far North, where armored bears and witch clans rule . . . and where her uncle Asriel is attempting to build a bridge to a parallel world. What Lyra doesn't know, mustn't know, is that her actions will have consequences not just in her world, but in all the worlds beyond.
A masterwork of storytelling and suspense, Philip Pullman's award-winning The Golden Compass is the first in the His Dark Materials series, which continues with The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass.
This HBO tie-in packaging will appeal to the huge new audience that HBO's upcoming
series will bring to HIS DARK MATERIALS.
HBO is positioning HIS DARK MATERIALS to appeal to the GAME OF THRONES fans now searching for a new big fantasy.
Existing Philip Pullman fans will want to re-read the books before the series begins.
"Superb . . . .All-stops-out thrilling."--The Washington Post
"Very grand indeed."--The New York Times
"Marvelous."--The New Yorker