Wabi Sabi: Explore The Beauty Of Imperfection And Triumphant Living
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Do you accept the imperfection in the things you see around you?

Do certain objects create a serene melancholy and spiritual longing within you?

Do you want to learn more about Wabi Sabi and how it could affect the way you view things?

Wabi Sabi is a Japanese phrase that encompasses many things but is basically an appreciation of the imperfections in nature and in the objects that surround us. It takes its concept from Buddhist teachings and in recent times Western artists have used it to varying degrees within the art they create, while it also makes appearances in many other forms from computer programming to gardening.

This book, Wabi Sabi: Explore the Beauty of Imperfection and Triumphant Living, explores the concept of this enduring idea and how you can use it in your own life, with chapters covering:

  • What Wabi Sabi is
  • The art of imperfection
  • Addressing imperfection in a relationship
  • Good reasons for letting go of your search for perfection
  • Living happily in an imperfect world
  • Practising gratitude and balance
  • Finding love with Wabi Sabi
  • And more...

By embracing the concept of Wabi Sabi you could make a big difference to many areas of your life, simply by accepting that nothing is ever perfect nor will it ever be. When we can accept this the world become a much easier place to live in.

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