Honouring the Loss: A Holistic Guide to Healing with Ritual and Herbal Medicine After an Abortion
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Despite one in three women going through an abortion at least once in their lifetime, it still very much exists in the underworld of our society. It remains illegal in many countries across the world, with women putting their lives at risk with backstreet abortions. More often than not, it still has the stigma of shame attached to it, with women given little or no guidance about it.

However, through this beautifully moving and poignant book, India Elyn hopes to open a doorway to show women how to heal from an abortion, alongside a new narrative which offers a space for the women who may need a helping hand or kind words. Her book is born out of a belief that women should be able to honour their abortions as part of their life's journey and release any unexpressed pain, trauma or grief which has arisen from the process. Using her own personal experience, the author hopes to open up a much-needed conversation about abortion which will enable women to feel supported as they heal through what can be an incredibly difficult journey, and eventually facilitate their arrival at a place of peace and acceptance.

Within the book, the author looks at the different stages women will go through when having an abortion: both the before, and the short and the long term after. She also looks at some herbal medicine in relation to the side effects women can experience when dealing with abortion, as well as nutrition and movement to assist with the process. Throughout the book, there is a special focus on ancestral healing, and honouring the loss that comes with abortion through ritual.