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1.Where the World Ends: A Zip, Trik, and Flip Adventure

作者:Davide Cali; Maria Dek(ILT)  出版社:Princeton Architectural Pr  出版日:2021/01/12 裝訂:精裝

An ordinary day turns into an extraordinary adventure for three friends lying in the grass watching the clouds pass by as Zip, Trik, and Flip set off to find where the world ends. The trio journeys ac

定價:628元   優惠價: 73458


2.Good Morning, Neighbor

作者:Davide Cali; Maria Dek (ILT)  出版社:Princeton Architectural Pr  出版日:2018/09/04 裝訂:精裝

A mouse decides one morning to make an omelet, but needs an egg, and sets out to find one. On his search, he eventually finds everything needed to bake a cake, including apples, flour, and sugar, but

定價:628元   優惠價: 73458


3.The Truth About My Unbelievable School . . .

作者:Davide Cali; Benjamin Chaud (ILT)  出版社:Chronicle Books Llc  出版日:2018/06/26 裝訂:精裝

Beware of . . . this school?! Henry is taking his new classmate on a whirlwind tour of their school. Mysterious inventions lurk, the cafeteria requires ninja skills, and some teachers may be monsters!

定價:455元   優惠價: 73332


4.Cinderella and the Furry Slippers

作者:Davide Cali; Raphaelle Barbanegre (ILT)  出版社:Tundra Books  出版日:2017/10/10 裝訂:精裝

Handsome princes, fancy castles, extravagant balls . . . in this girl-power fractured fairy tale, Cinderella learns that if it looks too good to be true, it probably is, and it's better to create your

定價:630元   優惠價: 73460


5.I Didn't Do My Homework Because Doodle Book of Excuses

作者:Benjamin Chaud; Davide Cali (ILT)  出版社:Chronicle Books Llc  出版日:2015/07/28 裝訂:平裝

From the creators of Junior Library Guild Selection I Didn't Do My Homework Because... andA Funny Thing Happened on the Way to School... comes a laugh-out-loud doodle book inspired by the not-so-true

定價:525元   優惠價: 73383


6.I Hate My Cats ― A Love Story

作者:Davide Cali; Anna Pirolli (ILT)  出版社:Chronicle Books Llc  出版日:2018/08/14 裝訂:精裝

Ginger is the weird one. She plays with peas, purrs at artichokes, and has a strange fondness for chicken (but only the neighbor's chicken). Then there's Fred. His greatest talent? Sleeping. Oh, and h

定價:560元   優惠價: 73409


7.Great Dog

作者:Davide Cali; Miguel Tanco (ILT)  出版社:Tundra Books  出版日:2018/05/29 裝訂:精裝

The age-old question of "what will I be when I grow up" gets a hilarious twist in this stylish and clever story.A pup and his father contemplate his grand future while looking at other Great Dogs in t

定價:630元   優惠價: 9567


8.The Queen of the Frogs

作者:Davide Cali; Marco Soma (ILT)  出版社:Eerdmans Pub Co  出版日:2017/03/20 裝訂:精裝 藍思:600L

An enchanting modern fableThe frogs enjoy their life at the pond, filling their days with fly brunches and night music. But one day a little frog finds a crown at the bottom of the pond and is instant

定價:560元   優惠價: 79442


9.Abigail the Whale

作者:Davide Cali; Sonja Bougaeva (ILT)  出版社:Owl Kids  出版日:2016/09/13 裝訂:精裝 藍思:550L

Abigail dreads swimming lessons. Every time she dives into the pool, she makes a big splash, and all the girls in her class shout: Abigail’s a whale!” Abigail can see that she is larger than the other

定價:593元   優惠價: 9534


10.Snow White and the 77 Dwarfs

作者:Davide Cali; Raphaelle Barbanegre (ILT)  出版社:Tundra Books  出版日:2015/04/14 裝訂:精裝

Snow White is on the run from an evil witch when she comes across some dwarfs in the forest. They agree to take her in and keep her safe if she will help them with their chores. She soon realizes she'

定價:630元   優惠價: 73460


11.The Little Eskimo

作者:Davide Cali; Maurizio Quarello (ILT)  出版社:Trafalgar Square Books  出版日:2013/10/01 裝訂:精裝

A richly illustrated tale of one little boy's search for his own identity and place in the worldThe Little Eskimo wants to know what's on the other side of the great frozen lake, and he wants to know

定價:595元   優惠價: 9536


12.The Enemy

作者:Davide Cali; Serge Bloch (ILT)  出版社:Wilkins Faragor Pty  出版日:2013/10/01 裝訂:精裝

Featuring a profound anti-war message, this moving and poetic meditation on the big questions in the tradition of The Little Prince is now available in the author's original edition for older readers

定價:659元   優惠價: 9593


13.The Great House Hunt

作者:Davide Cali; Marc Boutavant (ILT)  出版社:Tate Publishing UK  出版日:2013/03/05 裝訂:精裝

Mr. and Mrs. Polka-Dot are a young couple ready to settle down. With real estate agent Mr. Weevil, they search for their dream home. In this deliriously funny house-hunting marathon, the Polka-Dots vi

定價:714元   優惠價: 73521


14.Santa's Suit

作者:Davide Cali; Eric Heliot (ILT)  出版社:Wilkins Faragor Pty  出版日:2010/07/09

A hilarious, original, and thoroughly modern Santa Claus tale Telling the story of Santa, who finds he has forgotten to clean his suit in time for Christmas?this picture book has cleverly reimagined t

定價:350元   優惠價: 9315


15.The Bear With the Sword

作者:Davide Cali; Gianluca Foli (ILT)  出版社:Trafalgar Square Books  出版日:2010/07/09 裝訂:精裝

A powerful story paired with delightful and imaginative illustrations about the consequences of every action and the importance of making amends?In this timely and ingenious parable, a bear with a pow

定價:560元   優惠價: 9504



作者:Davide Cali; S嶵astien Mourrain (ILT)  出版社:Wilkins Faragor Pty  出版日:2018/06/01 裝訂:精裝

A little boy grows up in a small village by the sea. It’s nice enough, but he never quite feels at home. When he’s old enough, he travels to a nearby larger town to see if that suits him b

定價:770元   優惠價: 9693


17.My Father the Great Pirate

作者:Davide Cali; Maurizio A. C. Quarello (ILT)  出版社:Trafalgar Square Books  出版日:2015/05/01 裝訂:精裝

From the award-winning creators of The Little Eskimo, and the acclaimed author of The Enemy, a story of the journey a boy goes on when his father doesn't come home When I was a child, my father went a

定價:700元   優惠價: 9630


18.What Is This Thing Called Love?

作者:Davide Cali; Anna Laura Cantone (ILT)  出版社:Trafalgar Square Books  出版日:2011/08/10 裝訂:精裝

What is this thing called love? What color is it and what shape? Is it sweet or savory? Is it big or small? Like a lot of kids, Emma would really like to know. The problem is: everyone Emma asks?Mom,

定價:875元   優惠價: 9788


19.A Dad Who Measures Up

作者:Davide Cali; Anna Laura Cantone (ILT)  出版社:Trafalgar Square Books  出版日:2007/08/01 裝訂:精裝

It's going to be a hard job finding a partner for a mom so unusual, but this little girl is determined to try?What makes a dad ideal? Is he strong as a superhero or handsome as a movie star? Is he int

定價:560元   優惠價: 9504


20.Piano Piano

作者:Davide Cali; Eric Heliot (ILT); Randi Rivers (TRN)  出版社:Charlesbridge Pub Inc  出版日:2007/07/01 裝訂:平裝 藍思:520L

Marcolino hates practicing his scales on the piano, but feels he must because he is the reason his mother never became a grand pianist--until his grandfather lets them both in on a little secret.

定價:558元   優惠價: 73407