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1.Dictionary of American Library Biography

作者:Donald G. Davis (EDT)  出版社:Libraries Unltd Inc  出版日:2003/01/30 裝訂:精裝

This second supplement to the Dictionary of American Library Biography (1978) adds 77 notable, deceased members of the library and archival communities, primarily figures who have died between the yea

定價:3400元   優惠價: 93060


2.The American Opera Singer

作者:Peter G. Davis (EDT)  出版社:Textstream  出版日:1999/03/16 裝訂:平裝

In America today, opera has never been more popular, and one reason for this is, no doubt, that American opera singers are fixtures on every leading opera stage throughout the world.??In this lively a

定價:875元   優惠價: 79691


3.University of Basrah Studies in English

作者:J. Al-hajaj (EDT); G. Davis (EDT)  出版社:Peter Lang Pub Inc  出版日:2008/08/30 裝訂:平裝

定價:3328元   優惠價: 92995


4.Preaching the Teaching—Hispanics, Homiletics, and Catholic Social Justice Doctrine

作者:Kenneth G. Davis (EDT); Leopoldo Perez (EDT)  出版社:Univ of Chicago Pr  出版日:2005/09/14 裝訂:平裝

Preaching the Teaching reevaluates the Catholic Church's doctrine of social justice as it relates to the Church's flourishing Hispanic communities and their particular concerns, including issues of do

定價:900元   優惠價: 9810


5.Waffen-ss Camouflage Uniforms ― Helmet Covers - Smocks

作者:Lorenzo Silvestri; Neil G. Stewart (EDT); Michael I. Davis (EDT)  出版社:Schiffer Military  出版日:2016/01/28 裝訂:精裝

定價:3150元   優惠價: 92835


6.Waffen-ss Camouflage Uniforms ― M44 Drill Uniforms - Fallschirmj頛r Uniforms - Panzer Uniforms - Winter Clothing - Ss-vt/Waffen-ss Zeltbahnen - Camouflage Pattern Samples

作者:Lorenzo Silvestri; Neil G. Stewart (EDT); Michael I. Davis (EDT)  出版社:Schiffer Military  出版日:2016/01/28 裝訂:精裝

定價:3150元   優惠價: 92835


7.Rethinking Linguistics

作者:Hayley G. Davis (EDT); Talbot J. Taylor (EDT)  出版社:Taylor & Francis  出版日:2015/03/31 裝訂:平裝

This book deals with the need to rethink the aims and methods of contemporary linguistics. Orthodox linguists' discussions of linguistic form fail to exemplify how language users become language maker

定價:2274元   優惠價: 92047


8.Social Justice Issues and Racism in the College Classroom—Perspectives from Different Voices

作者:Patricia G. Boyer (EDT); Dannielle Joy Davis (EDT)  出版社:Emerald Group Pub Ltd  出版日:2013/02/05 裝訂:精裝

The focus of Social Justice Issues and Racism in the College Classroom is faculty and students of color at postsecondary institutions and the racial challenges they encounter in college classrooms. To

定價:5173元   優惠價: 94656


9.Frontiers of Propulsion Science

作者:Marc G. Millis (EDT); Eric W. Davis (EDT)  出版社:Amer Inst of Aeronautics &  出版日:2009/02/02 裝訂:精裝

This book compiles recent work relevant to such notions as space drives, warp drives, gravity control, and faster-than-light travel, breakthroughs which would revolutionize spaceflight and allow human

定價:5848元   優惠價: 95263


10.Literary Gestures ― The Aesthetic In Asian American Writing

作者:Rocio G. Davis (EDT); Sue-Im Lee (EDT)  出版社:Temple Univ Pr  出版日:2005/10/14 裝訂:精裝

定價:3578元   優惠價: 93220


11.Literary Gestures: The Aesthetic In Asian American Writing

作者:Rocio G. Davis (EDT); Sue-Im Lee (EDT)  出版社:Temple Univ Pr  出版日:2005/10/14

定價:1348元   優惠價: 91213


12.Going Home to a Landscape: Writings by Filipinas

作者:Marianne Villanueva (EDT); Virginia Cerenio (EDT); Rocio G. Davis (FRW)  出版社:Calyx Books  出版日:2003/11/01

This collection touches on memory, love, the sorrow of loss, and childhood joy—all viewed through the prism of a unique Asian culture that is the product of American and Spanish colonization. The anth

定價:628元   優惠價: 9565


13.Library History Research In America ― Essays Commemorating The Fiftieth Anniversary Of The Library History Round Table

作者:Andrew B. Wertheimer (EDT); Donald G. Davis (EDT)  出版社:Oak Knoll Pr  出版日:2000/09/30 裝訂:精裝

Seventeen essays cover six topics relevant to the field of library history. These include: critical approaches, pioneers in the field, new directions for study, cognate fields, The Library History Ro

定價:1575元   優惠價: 91418


14.Preaching and Culture in Latino Congregations

作者:Kenneth G. Davis (EDT); Jorge L. Presmanes (EDT)  出版社:Liturgy Training Pubns  出版日:2000/06/01 裝訂:平裝

定價:440元   優惠價: 9396


15.The New Utopian Politics of Ursula K. Le Guins the Dispossessed

作者:Laurence Davis; Laurence Davis (EDT); Peter G. Stillman (EDT); Tony Burns (CON); Claire Curtis (CON)  出版社:Rowman & Littlefield Pub Inc  出版日:2005/11/30 裝訂:平裝

Although Le Guin's masterpiece has never been out of print since its first publication in 1974, so far few critics have commented on its radical political ramifications. In an attempt to address what

定價:1425元   優惠價: 91283


16.Political Power 1—Mitt Romney

作者:Marc Shapiro; Jed Mickle (ILT); Darren G. Davis (EDT)  出版社:Scb Distributors  出版日:2012/06/30 裝訂:平裝

Presents a graphic biography of the businessman and former Massachusetts governor who campaigned for the Reupublican nomination for president in both 2008 and 2012.

定價:140元   優惠價: 9126


17.Ray Harryhausen Presents Flying Saucers Vs. the Earth

作者:Ryan Burton; Alan Brooks (ILT); Darren G. Davis (EDT)  出版社:Bluewater Production Inc  出版日:2009/05/15

定價:525元   優惠價: 9473


18.The Meaning of Masonry

作者:W. L. Wilmshurst; Robert G. Davis; Shawn Eyer (EDT)  出版社:Plumbstone  出版日:2007/11/30

定價:449元   優惠價: 9404


19.Christian Librarianship: Essays on the Integration of Faith and Profession

作者:Gregory A. Smith (EDT); Donald G. Davis (FRW)  出版社:McFarland & Co Inc Pub  出版日:2002/09/01

Fourteen librarians, professors, and ministers from the U.S. and U.K., representing a diversity of Christian denominations, contribute 16 essays on the theory and practice of Christian librarianship.

定價:2498元   優惠價: 92248


20.Ancient Monuments of the Mississippi Valley

作者:E. G. Squier; E. H. Davis; David J. Meltzer (EDT)  出版社:Smithsonian Inst Pr  出版日:1998/12/01

Originally published in 1848 as the first major work in the nascent discipline as well as the first publication of the newly established Smithsonian Institution, Ancient Monuments of the Mississippi V

定價:1798元   優惠價: 91618