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1.The Photographs of Ralston Crawford ― The Photographs of Ralston Crawford

作者:Keith F. Davis  出版社:Other Distribution  出版日:2019/01/22 裝訂:精裝

定價:2100元   優惠價: 91890


2.The Photographs of Ray K. Metzker

作者:Keith F. Davis  出版社:Yale Univ Pr  出版日:2012/10/30 裝訂:精裝

Ray K. Metzker (b. 1931) is one of the greatest living photographers of the modern era, although his name may not be as broadly familiar as that of some of his peers. Richly illustrated, The Photograp

定價:2100元   優惠價: 91890


3.Logan County

作者:F. Keith Davis  出版社:Arcadia Pub  出版日:2011/07/18 裝訂:平裝

Forged through time by varied cultures and numerous crises, Logan County provides an intriguing landscape that has nurtured equally intriguing people. In 1774, after the death of their beloved Chief C

定價:770元   優惠價: 9693


4.The Photographs of Homer Page: The Guggenheim Year : New York, 1949 - 50

作者:Keith F. Davis (PHT)  出版社:Other Distribution  出版日:2009/03/30 裝訂:精裝

Focuses on Homer Page's New York photographs taken while he was a Guggenheim Fellow during the late '40s.

定價:1750元   優惠價: 91575


5.Clarence John Laughlin: Visionary Photographer

作者:Keith F. Davis  出版社:Univ of New Mexico Pr  出版日:1990/12/01

Introduces his career, his artistic principles, and a collection of his photographs

定價:1048元   優惠價: 9943


6.Golden Prospects ― Daguerreotypes of the California Gold Rush

作者:Jane L. Aspinwall; Keith F. Davis (CON)  出版社:Other Distribution  出版日:2019/09/24 裝訂:精裝

定價:2100元   優惠價: 91890

7.Multitude, Solitude ― The Photographs of Dave Heath

作者:Keith F. Davis; Michael Torosian (CON)  出版社:Yale Univ Pr  出版日:2015/10/20 裝訂:精裝

The work of American photographer Dave Heath (b. 1931) stuns with its emotional potency. Exploring themes of loneliness and alienation in modern society, Heath’s photographs depict strangers riding th

定價:2925元   優惠價: 92633


8.Alexander Gardner ― The Western Photographs, 1867-1868

作者:Jane L. Aspinwall; Keith F. Davis (FRW)  出版社:Yale Univ Pr  出版日:2014/09/02 裝訂:精裝

A glimpse into the development of the American West through startling photographs of the frontier landscape and the rich culture of American Indian tribes

定價:2700元   優惠價: 92430


9.Visions of Heaven: The Dome in European Architecture

作者:David Stephenson; Victoria Hammond; Keith F. Davis  出版社:Princeton Architectural Pr  出版日:2005/10/06 裝訂:精裝

There's an ethereal magic to standing beneath a dome, neck craned, looking up at a vision of the heavens created by some long-ago figure of genius. From the Pantheon to the Hagia Sophia, the power of

定價:2100元   優惠價: 91890


10.Natural Magic ― Salted Paper Prints in North America

作者:Jordan Bear; Russell Lord; Lisa Volpe; Keith F. Davis (INT)  出版社:Univ of Washington Pr  出版日:2015/06/04 裝訂:精裝

The salted paper print process and the daguerreotype were invented, for all practical purposes, simultaneously. Though using different materials and methods (the salted paper print was patented, while

定價:1398元   優惠價: 91258


11.Heartland—The Photographs of Terry Evans

作者:Keith F. Davis; Jane L. Aspinwall; April M. Watson  出版社:Yale Univ Pr  出版日:2012/11/27 裝訂:精裝

The landscape and people of the American Midwest have captivated photographer Terry Evans (b. 1944) throughout her forty-year photographic career. Evans has a deep connection to her native region, whi

定價:2100元   優惠價: 91890


12.At the Crossroads of American Photography: Callahan, Siskind, Sommer

作者:Keith F. Davis; Susan Krane; Britt Salvesen; Claire C. Carter  出版社:Radius Books  出版日:2009/03/01 裝訂:精裝

Text by Britt Salvesen, Ph.D, Keith F. Davis.

定價:1925元   優惠價: 91733


13.The Art of Frederick Sommer

作者:Keith F. Davis; Michael Torosian; April M. Watson; Frederick Sommer  出版社:Yale Univ Pr  出版日:2005/04/10 裝訂:精裝

This book - published in the centenary of the artist's birth - chronicles the extraordinary life and work of Frederick Sommer (1905-1999). One of the great masters and key innovators in the history of

定價:2925元   優惠價: 92633


14.American Horizons: The Photographs of Art Sinsabaugh

作者:Keith F. Davis; Art Sinsabaugh; Nanette Esseck Brewer  出版社:Hudson Hills Pr  出版日:2004/12/12 裝訂:精裝

American Horizons: The Photographs of Art Sinsabaugh includes a generous selection of Art Sinsabaugh's images, juxtaposing his classic Midwest prairie views and Chicago cityscapes with an instructive

定價:1750元   優惠價: 91575


15.The Photographs of Dorothea Lange

作者:Dorothea Lange; Kelle A. Botkin; Keith F. Davis  出版社:Harry N Abrams Inc  出版日:1996/02/01

Dorothea Lange (1895-1965) is widely recognized as one of the most eloquent and influential photographers in American history. While she is best known for her powerful images of the Depression era, m

定價:1225元   優惠價: 79968


16.The Origins of American Photography: 1839-1885 : From Daguerreotype to Dry-Plate

作者:Keith F. Davis; Jane L. Aspinwall (CON); Marc F. Wilson (FRW)  出版社:Other Distribution  出版日:2007/10/28 裝訂:精裝

In this text, Keith F. Davis examines photography's social history and aesthetic development in an era of rapid national growth. He demonstrates how key themes and genres - including the business of d

定價:2925元   優惠價: 92633



作者:Arno Rafael Minkkinen; Arno Rafael Minkkinen (PHT); Keith F. Davis; Vicki Goldberg  出版社:Kehrer Verlag Heidelberg  出版日:2019/09/03 裝訂:精裝

定價:2625元   優惠價: 92363

18.Pigeon Hill ― Then & Now

作者:Jeffrey A. Wolin (PHT); Jean-louis Poitevin (CON); Keith F. Davis (CON)  出版社:Kehrer Verlag Heidelberg  出版日:2017/04/11 裝訂:精裝

From 1987 to 1991, Jeffrey Wolin made hundreds of portraits showing residents of Bloomington's, Indiana, housing projects, known as "Pigeon Hill." At the time there was much discussion about the probl

定價:1225元   優惠價: 91103


19.Timothy H. O'Sullivan—The King Survey Photographs

作者:Keith F. Davis; Jane L. Aspinwall; Francois Brunet (CON); John P. Herron (CON); Mark Klett (CON)  出版社:Yale Univ Pr  出版日:2011/11/29 裝訂:精裝

Clarence King's Survey, undertaken between 1867 and 1872, covered a vast swath of terrain, from the border of California eastward to the edge of the Great Plains. It was the first survey to include a

定價:2700元   優惠價: 92430


20.Taken by Design ― Photographs from the Institute of Design, 1937-1971

作者:David Travis (EDT); Elizabeth Siegel (EDT); Keith F. Davis (EDT); Art Institute of Chicago (COR)  出版社:Univ of Chicago Pr  出版日:2002/05/01 裝訂:平裝

One of Chicago's great cultural achievements, the Institute of Design was among the most important schools of photography in twentieth-century America. It began as an outpost of experimental Bauhaus e

定價:2610元   優惠價: 92349