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1.The Perhapanauts 2—Treasure Obscura

作者:Todd Dezago  出版社:Diamond Comic Distributors  出版日:2012/12/25 裝訂:平裝

Buried treasure from The Perhapanauts vaults! Includes The Perhapanauts 5.5, The Perhapanauts 6, The Perhapanauts Halloween Spooktacular 1, and The Perhapanauts: Molly's Story 1. Plus, never-before-pu

定價:525元   優惠價: 9473


2.Man Called Electro!

作者:Todd Dezago  出版社:Spotlight  出版日:2006/01/01

This graphic novel presents how Spider-Man tries to prevent a major bank robbery, as "Electro" tries to get some cash for himself.

定價:1218元   優惠價: 91096


3.Super Hero Squad - 2: Super Hero Safari

作者:Todd Dezago; Marcelo Dichiara  出版社:Marvel Enterprises  出版日:2011/03/30

Welcome back to SUPER HERO CITY, a crowded capital of classy crusaders and crafty criminals in a crammed collective, and home of the SUPER HERO SQUAD! When a Fractal turns a Paleontologist into a Din

定價:525元   優惠價: 79415


4.Perhapanauts 0: Dark Days

作者:Todd Dezago; Craig Rousseau  出版社:Image Comics  出版日:2010/10/05

The Perhapanauts: Dark Days collects, for the first time, in one massive tome, the time-lost tales of the Perhapanauts from their hard-to-find First Blood and Second Chances mini-series! See the origi

定價:630元   優惠價: 9567


5.Perhapanauts 1

作者:Todd Dezago; Craig Rousseau  出版社:Diamond Comic Distributors  出版日:2009/04/15 裝訂:平裝

Bigfoot, ghosts, mothman, and the chupacabras - strange and mysterious creatures from folklore and local legend, cryptids that stay just out of sight of the American public. There is a covert organiza

定價:630元   優惠價: 9567


6.Tellos Colossal

作者:Todd Dezago; Mike Wieringo  出版社:Image Comics  出版日:2008/06/04

Journey with young Jarek and his tiger-warrior companion, Koj, as they team up with pirate princess, Serra, to confront the dread Malesur - a villain set on devouring the denizens of this magical, pat

定價:630元   優惠價: 9567


7.Super Hero Squad 1: Infinity Sword Quest

作者:Todd Dezago; Mitch Schauer (ILT)  出版社:Marvel Enterprises  出版日:2011/01/12

The most popular series that's called SUPER HERO SQUAD rolls on! Marvel at how kooky characters carouse carousels while canning courageous cartwheeling cubs! (that makes no sense). Join CAPTAIN AMERI

定價:525元   優惠價: 79415


8.Spider-Man - The Complete Clone Saga Epic 2

作者:Tom Brevoort; Tom DeFalco; Todd Dezago; J. M. Dematteis  出版社:Marvel Enterprises  出版日:2010/06/01

定價:1225元   優惠價: 79968


9.Thor and the Avengers

作者:Paul Tobin; Todd Dezago; Louise Simonson; Scott Gray; Roger Langridge  出版社:Marvel Enterprises  出版日:2009/10/07

Presents the adventures of Dr. Strange, Ant-Man, Thor, and Captain America as they battle various foes.

定價:350元   優惠價: 79277


10.Annihilation Classic

作者:Todd Dezago; Larry Lieber; Marv Wolfman; Mark Gruenwald  出版社:Marvel Enterprises  出版日:2009/07/29

定價:875元   優惠價: 79691


11.Modern Masters 21—Chris Sprouse

作者:Eric Nolen-Weathington (EDT); Todd Dezago (EDT); Chris Sprouse (CON)  出版社:Diamond Comic Distributors  出版日:2009/07/15 裝訂:平裝

The artwork of Chris Sprouse is hard to categorize. It is fresh, yet familiar... modern, yet classic. Perhaps that is why titles such as Supreme and Tom Strong - both written by the legendary Alan Moo

定價:523元   優惠價: 9471


12.The Flash: Mercury Falling

作者:Todd Dezago; Ethan Van Sciver (ILT); Eric Battle (ILT)  出版社:Dc Comics  出版日:2009/05/12

Before he graduated into the big leagues and became the super-fast, crimson hero the Flash, Bart Allen was the brash, teenaged speedster known as Impulse!When Max Mercury, the "zen guru of the Speed F

定價:525元   優惠價: 79415


13.Nick Cardy: Behind the Art

作者:Nick Cardy; Eric Nolen-Weathington (EDT); Todd Dezago (INT)  出版社:Twomorrows Pub  出版日:2008/10/30 裝訂:精裝

Nick Cardy has been doing fantastic artwork for more than sixty years, from comics, to newspaper strips, to illustration. His work on DC Comics' Teen Titans, and his amazing comics covers, are univers

定價:1223元   優惠價: 91101


14.Spider-Man Family: Itsy-bitsy Battles

作者:Karl Kesel; Todd Dezago; Mark Waid; Kevin Grevioux; Nate Piekos  出版社:Marvel Enterprises  出版日:2008/10/08

Follows the adventures of Spider-Man as he battles numerous enemies, including Sandman, Venom, and Lizard.

定價:350元   優惠價: 79277


15.Tellos Colossal: Colossal

作者:Todd Dezago; Mike Wieringo; Nathan Massengill (ILT); Rob Stull (ILT)  出版社:Image Comics  出版日:2007/08/22 裝訂:精裝

Now for the first time in one stunning, oversized hardcover edition, Image Comics presents Todd Dezago and Mike Wieringo's award-winning epic fantasy, Tellos! Journey with young Jarek and tiger-warrio

定價:1400元   優惠價: 91260


16.Spider Man Team Up

作者:Todd Dezago; Ronald Lim; Valentine De Landro; Michael O'Hare  出版社:Spotlight  出版日:2006/01/01

Spider-Man teams up with his friends Thor, Storm, Fantastic Four, Kitty Pryde, and Captain America to fight a variety of rough and tough super villains.

定價:6926元   優惠價: 96233


17.Unmasked by Doctor Octopus!

作者:Todd Dezago; Valentine De Landro (ART); Norman Lee (ART)  出版社:Spotlight  出版日:2006/01/01

Spider-Man goes up against Doctor Octopus in a spine tingling tale! Doc Ock has escaped from jail to make himself a better person. Will he succeed?

定價:1218元   優惠價: 91096



作者:Todd Dezago; Tom DeFalco; Howard MacKie; Joe Bennett (ILT); Todd Nauck (ILT)  出版社:Marvel Enterprises  出版日:2012/06/27 裝訂:平裝

The Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man isn't on ANYONE'S list of friends when he's framed for murder and a five million dollar reward is placed on his webbed head! As Spidey attempts to locate Harry Osb

定價:1050元   優惠價: 79830


19.Spider-man ― The Many Hosts of Carnage

作者:David Michelinie; Tom DeFalco; Howard MacKie; Todd Dezago; Mark Bagley (ILT)  出版社:Marvel Enterprises  出版日:2019/09/24 裝訂:平裝

定價:1400元   優惠價: 791106


20.Spider-man - Ben Reilly 1 ― Omnibus

作者:Tom DeFalco; Todd Dezago; Evan Skolnick; Howard MacKie; Paris Karounos (ILT)  出版社:Marvel Enterprises  出版日:2019/01/15 裝訂:精裝

There's a new wall-crawler in town! Meet Ben Reilly, the Scarlet Spider, who recently learned that he's not a clone of Peter Parker after all - he's the original! And when Pete decides to hang up his

定價:5000元   優惠價: 94500